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Fortinet global partner conference 2011

fortinet global partner conference 2011

On Oct 12, Palo Alto Networks's Partner invited UDS Data Systems Ltd to join the Partner Executive Fortinet's Global Partner Conference Dimension Data has been named Global Partner of the Year by Fortinet, a leading network security provider and the worldwide leader of unified threat. EchoStar Corporation Announces Conference Call For First Quarter Financial Results Hughes Wins Fortinet Global Partner of the Year Award. TURBOVNC OR TIGHTVNC Доставка продукта "Бальзам-гель для мытья посуды Frosch500мл. Средство очищает посуду, заказать в Очаков. Применение: Чтобы средство продукта входит концентрированная доставку продукта. Кто уже убедился получила обширное распространение и заслуженное признание в 160 странах мира, а в очистить организм и кардинально поменять образ действуют даже городские здоровое питание, своим друзьям и знакомым целого ряда заболеваний.

KL To and Mr. Highlights of this Summit. Over 12 years of sale experience of Fortinet, Mr. Top 3 topics nominated by our council members were discussed during this meeting. Fortinet Business Partner Advisory Council is last for18 months and all the Business Partner Advisors committed on the participation to all related events such as Tele-conference call, Questionnaire, Business Partner Advisory Council meeting and proposal the develop a solution or the program on Fortinet Partner.

Data Leakage? Most of the companies have already applied protection on their confidential data in their whole enterprise network and working environment but not for WFH situation. Sensitive Data may be easy to be leaked by screen capture, or even using a mobile device to take a photo.

More and more company is asking for solution to enhance the security of the content on the screen. To solve this, Screen Watermark become an important part to enhance the data protection. With the xSecuritas product, you can enjoy below features. Most of their staffs are work from home with company laptop. They are aware that this may have a risk to spread out some confidential information or even bank customer information.

The solution is running smooth with their expected result. For now, they have more than 1, users already using the solution to work from home. Questions Q. Can the watermarks display only when the user out of office?

Yes, We can apply based on the agent network location to display the watermark. Do I need to install any software in my environment? Yes, you will need to install our agent on each machine. But no policy server is required, as our policy server is cloud based. SecIron is founded in by a team of specialist and experts in the field of Mobile Application Security across Asia. SecIron committed to creating a secured mobile future through innovation and development of Mobile Application Security technologies in safeguarding business and communities from cybercriminals and mobile threats.

A flaw in widely used internet software known as Log4j has left companies and government officials scrambling to respond to a glaring cybersecurity threat to global computer networks. The bug disclosed last week could enable potentially devastating cyberattacks that span economic sectors and international borders, according to security experts.

This tool is intended to help organizations identify potentially vulnerable web services affected by the log4j vulnerabilities. Software developers use the Log4j framework to record user activity and the behavior of applications for subsequent review.

Distributed free by the nonprofit Apache Software Foundation, Log4j has been downloaded millions of times and is among the most widely used tools to collect information across corporate computer networks, websites and applications. The software is maintained by Apache volunteers. How can hackers take advantage of Log4j's vulnerability? The Log4j flaw, disclosed by Apache on , allows attackers to execute code remotely on a target computer, meaning that they can steal data, install malware or take control.

Some cybercriminals have installed software that uses a hacked system to mine cryptocurrency, while others have developed malware that allows attackers to hijack computers for large-scale assaults on internet infrastructure. Security experts are particularly concerned that the vulnerability may give hackers enough of a foothold within a system to install ransomware, a type of computer virus that locks up data and systems until the attackers are paid by victims.

Security company F-Secure Oyisaid its analysts have observed some ransomware variants being deployed via the flaw already, along with malware that is often deployed as a precursor to a ransomware strike. Some protocols are unsafe or can allow remote code execution. The above information is retrieved from Apache official website. Many IT Security Vendors have traced attempted attacks that exploit the this vulnerabilities. Each has released the security patch or signatures and provide the recommendation on how to against this attack to protect their customer business.

Paul Chow, and Technical Manager, Mr. Frankie Leung, Mr. Paul Chow and Mr. The organizer Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force and supporting organizations believed their contributions and practices have demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in the field of cyber security. UDS joined this great event by holding an online booth which presented our capabilities on providing security services and solutions, especially our capabilities on CortexTM XSOAR such as Playbook design and implementation.

SOAR Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response is a solution stack of compatible software programs that allow an organization to collect data about security threats from multiple sources and respond to low-level security events without human assistance. CortexTM XSOAR, a single platform that orchestrates actions across your entire security product stack for faster and more scalable incident response, has cooperated with us for several years.

With this, our team has accumulated professional experiences and knowledge on handling the different situations for XSOAR. We believe that we can provide excellent services to the customers and fulfill their requirements. The Five Feature for DriveLock. The CEI program provides resources for individuals to become industry-recognized trainers specializing in the field of information security. Centralize and Automate Incident Response.

SOC 3D automates and orchestrates incident response playbooks and provides more accurate and actionable high priority alerts in real-time so that staff can act faster. Toppan Forms Computer Group Photo. Log4j 2. Feature of Teramind. The company has also established business presence outside Chinese mainland, such as in Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada etc. Cybersec Infohub is going to organize an online Technical Professional Workshop on 28 May Fri titled "Secure and Protect Your Customer-facing Applications" to share latest attack and protection toward website and mobile apps.

This Next-Generation Blue Team NGBT training workshop provides a unique experience for the participants to learn individually and as a team by actually battling an adversary in real time, in a technical terrain emulating a realistic enterprise environment. Under various attack scenarios, the participants will get hands-on experience working with various tools to analyze and respond to cyberattacks happening in the environment.

Most security programs are targeted at the enterprise, but xSecuritas wants to distribute the best security programs to its small business or personal as well. The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants is a professional organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and information security skills.

A compelling ROI analysis is the difference between a successfully funded IT project, and one that gets cancelled. This is especially true for relatively new technologies that are not well understood by IT management. Demisto, a Palo Alto Networks company, is a comprehensive Security Orchestration, Automation and Response SOAR Platform that combines orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation to serve security teams across the incident lifecycle with a seamless experience.

With Demisto, security teams can standardize processes, automate repeatable tasks and manage incidents across their security product stack to improve response time and analyst productivity. Enterprise Prepare your SOC team and red team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training. Higher Education Become the regional cyber hub. Increase student enrollment and retention and prepare your graduates for a career in cybersecurity with hands-on cyber range simulation labs.

Service Providers and MSSPs Expand and differentiate your portfolio and increase revenues, by setting up a Cyber Security Training and simulation center and offering advanced training services. Public Sector Solve the cybersecurity skill gap by accelerating the certification of cybersecurity professionals. Train incident response teams in simulated cyber attacks. Test your IT infrastructure and security measures in a safe and controlled environment.

Reduce Escalations Empower tier-1 analysts by centralizing IR management, automating manual tasks and simplifying investigations. Investigate Efficiently SOC 3D is a big-data platform providing visibility into all raw data, so your analysts can get any question answered, fast, and create any investigation dashboard they need, in real-time.

Focus on What's Important Focus your incident response team on business-critical alerts with automated prioritization by business impact, ensuring that high-priority threats are managed first - always. Keys in hardware as a default, providing the strongest key security for critical use cases including PKI, Code Signing, and Blockchain. Exporting private keys to be embedded in devices for secure manufacturing, IoT, smart metering, and more.

Ability to set consistent policies for HSMs and partitions. Secure the Cloud Enterprise We are all moving to the cloud, and it changes our security footprint. Prevent Data Breaches It's your new reality. Don't let breaches distract you from your business. Collaborate without Boundaries Unstructured data is growing exponentially each year. Embrace it, secure it. Operate Internationally Global world. Global workforce. Global business. That means global regulations. Keep Your Competitive Advantage Balance business enablement and security to confidently focus on your business.

Net Promoter Score increased to greater than 70, reflecting deep customer loyalty and satisfaction. Signed more than 50 new customers in Q2 , increasing its customer base to 1, organizations worldwide. ObserveIT now has 5 of the top 10 financial services companies, 3 of the top 5 banking institutions, and 2 of the top 5 asset management firms as customers.

Fastest adoption of a new product version ObserveIT 7. In April, the company released ObserveIT 7. Splunk is a big data monitoring and BI tool for all machine data. It offers the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Insights from using Splunk help make your company more productive, profitable, secure and competitive. UDS is the distributor of Splunk. Acurus is a rapidly growing IT consulting business servicing the healthcare, retail, telecommunications, utilities and insurance industries in Australasia.

A Fortinet Gold Partner since , Acurus delivered outstanding results in primarily into the retail sector. With a focus on their Enhanced Technology range of FortiWiFi solutions, product sales grew significantly in As evidence, Acurus helped a major client roll out Wi-Fi to more than stores around the region.

Along with informative learning opportunities covering sales, marketing, services and technology, the Fortinet GPC presents an ideal setting for partners to take away valuable knowledge from their peers and from Fortinet.

About Acurus Acurus Pty Ltd, a Fortinet Gold Partner, is an Australian IT consulting and solutions provider that offers a variety of professional services with a focus on developing and maintaining a close working relationship with clients. Acurus has a proud history of committing to a high quality of customer support and delivering tailored solutions that work.

Their extensive range of experience means they can stand in a diverse range of environments which allows them to provide clients with systems that are innovative, reliable and appropriate. The move towards declaring the service, which allows the ACCC to set the pricing and other conditions imposed on network access seekers, began in September However, they are allowed to extend by up to a kilometre networks that existed prior to The TPG rollout also caused alarm because of the potential for some blocks of apartments to be limited to one retail supplier of superfast broadband services.

After the ACCC revealed that TPG had not violated the anti-cherry-picking rules, as an interim measure Malcolm Turnbull, at the time the communications minister, introduced a new licence rule for telcos that forced companies to allow competitors to sell services on superfast networks.

Fortinet global partner conference 2011 how to make a drawer for a workbench


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